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Getting Started with Gelato Customer Service
Getting Started with Gelato Customer Service
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At Gelato, we provide a comprehensive self-service tool through our Gelato Dashboard that you can use to solve most of your customer service needs. We recommend adding your Customer Support agents to your Gelato account so that they can easily manage your Gelato orders.

Gelato does not offer customer service as a separate service for your business.

Gelato Support will never contact your end customers directly.

Gelato contact details

  • Your customer service team can contact Gelato support 24/7 via chat (usually you will receive an immediate response). Simply use the contact us button in our help center.

  • Hours of Availability: 24/7

Customer requests that you can resolve without contacting Gelato Support

There are a number of common requests from your end customers that you can solve easily through our Gelato Dashboard without the need to contact Gelato Support.

Common reasons for the contact

Below are the most common reasons for you to get in contact with the Gelato Support team or for the Gelato Support team to get in contact with you. Please ensure that you share with us your Customer Support email address where we can send this type of communication.

1. Your customer received a defective/damaged product and you would like to send a reprint

In the unfortunate case that your customer's order arrives damaged in the mail, please Report a problem on the order details page within 30 days of your customer receiving the item and we will be happy to send you a replacement order. Be sure to include:

  • A description of the problem and details about how the order was packaged.

  • Pictures of the damaged order item(s) and its packaging (outside of the packaging and its inserts).

The pictures are very important for our team for internal reporting. We will also ask you 'Is the package also damaged?' along with requesting photo evidence, as when an order arrives damaged, we trigger an internal investigation with our print and logistics partners to ensure that this doesn't occur again and that any improvements are applied as soon as possible. We highly appreciate your input in answering all the questions and providing us with all the valuable pictures.

If your order contains more than one item, please let us know if you will require a reprint for all items.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with our support team with the above information.

2. Gelato production team has noticed a file or quality concern not related to the production

  • Gelato Support reaches out to your Support with the following information:

    • Customer Order Number

    • Description of concern (i.e. spelling error, image issue, cropping)

    • Request for direction, or request to correct the issue and reorder

3. Gelato shipping team finds that the address provided is incorrect or the product cannot be delivered

  • Your customer service team will receive an automated email with the following information:

    • Order Number

    • Error description (i.e. address error)

    • Link to the order in the Gelato Dashboard to allow you to fix the error and place a reorder

4. You are not able to submit an order via Gelato API (for customers with Gelato API integration)

  • Your customer service team reaches out to Gelato Support with the following information:

    • Customer Order Number

    • Description of error

    • Logs of the API call and response (very important to troubleshoot the issue quickly)

    • Request to correct the issue and reorder (in most cases)

Additional resources

You can find additional resources on Gelato Customer Service in the dedicated section of our Help Center.

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