Gelato+ Subscription FAQs
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Signing up

  • Can I try Gelato+ for free?

Yes, you can. We offer a 30-day free trial period so that you can explore all the features and tools before committing to a paid subscription. Read more in our article Do you offer a free Gelato+ trial period?

  • What is the subscription time for Gelato+?

If you have chosen an annual subscription then it is renewed every 365 days. If you have chosen monthly the subscription is renewed every 30 days.

  • What is the price for Gelato+?

On an annual subscription, Gelato+ costs €19.92/ month (€239 per year paid at once). Check out our subscription fees in different currencies in our article How much does a Gelato+ subscription cost?

  • How can I pay for Gelato+?

Currently, it is possible to pay for your Gelato+ subscription with a credit/debit card, or Paypal.


  • What is included in my Gelato+ subscription that is not included for a free user?

You can read about what is included for free just by signing up and learning more about our exclusive Gelato+ features in our article What's the difference between using Gelato for free and Gelato+?

  • Are shipping discounts included in my Gelato+ subscription?

No, shipping discounts are not included in the subscription plan.

  • I signed up before Gelato+ was launched (but I'm not a subscriber). Can I use Shutterstock images without subscribing to Gelato+?

You will retain access to Shutterstock Essential and Full collection. Please note that the pricing for using Shutterstock elements is cheaper with a Gelato+ subscription, so you may still want to upgrade to Gelato+!

  • What happens with my apps if I cancel my Gelato+ subscription as an existing customer?

All apps will be uninstalled. You will continue to have the same number of users and stores. Any orders made for products made with Gelato+ features will fail. You can easily upgrade again and regain access to it. You can read more about this in the article What happens when my Gelato+ subscription ends?

  • Can I buy apps individually?

You access apps by subscribing to Gelato+. Apps can’t be bought separately at the moment.

  • What happens to my orders that use apps if I cancel my Gelato+ subscription?

All apps will be uninstalled if you cancel your Gelato+ subscription. Any orders that use an app will fail. You can easily upgrade again and get access to it.

  • I signed up before Gelato+ was launched and I am currently using features that will only be available for Gelato+ users. Will I lose access to these features after my subscription trial?

No, you will not lose access to the features that you had when you originally signed up. All your stores and users will not be affected.

  • Will I need to have Shopify+/Advanced plans to use live shipping rates, or is the Gelato+ subscription all I need?

You will need to have either the Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus plan, as this is a Shopify requisite for using live rates in their stores. You can find more information about this function here.

Managing your subscription

  • View subscription

To manage your subscription go to your initials in the upper right corner of the Dashboard → Subscriptions. The page will show your current status for relevant subscriptions. You can manage them by clicking on 'Change Plan' or by clicking on the three dots in the relevant subscription tile.

  • Will my paid Gelato+ subscription be renewed automatically?

Yes, but you can cancel at any time.

  • Download invoices/receipts

  • Must I cancel my subscription before deleting my account?

If you wish to permanently delete your Gelato account, please first cancel your Gelato+ subscription to avoid any further subscription charges.

  • Canceling your Gelato+ subscription

To cancel a subscription go to your initials in the upper right corner of the Dashboard → Subscriptions → three dots → Cancel Plan

  • Refund for a Gelato+ subscription

To request a refund, please contact our Customer Support.

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