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Where can I find the order ID in the Gelato Dashboard?
Where can I find the order ID in the Gelato Dashboard?
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Accessing your Orders

In the Orders section, there will be a quick overview of your orders. You can see the Order ID of each order on the left-hand side.

Clicking on the order will bring you to the order details page, where you can review all the information regarding your order.


Finding your Gelato Order ID

On the right side of the order detail page, you will find Gelato's Order ID. This ID is unique for every order in our system. When contacting Gelato Customer Service about an order, please provide this so we can find the order and assist you. Clicking on the icon next to it will conveniently copy this code on your device.


Your own Order ID is visible at the top of the page. If the order was received from your ecommerce store, this number will be consistent with what you see in your ecommerce store's dashboard.

The Receipt Number is not a valid order ID and our support team will not be able to find your order with it.

Draft Orders

If you need to contact our Support team about a draft order, you can find the Gelato Order ID in the URL. You can also provide the URL for the order to our support team staff, who will be able to see it.

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