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About Gelato

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Welcome To Gelato!
Gelato Webinar: Getting Started with Gelato
Where is my apparel/clothing order printed?
Can I save products for any future manual orders?
Where is my order produced?
How do I check the estimated delivery date and tracking in the Gelato Dashboard?
What currencies do you support?
Why do you process the refunds to my Wallet?
I don't sell print materials in the US. Do I still need to upload a resale certificate? 
What currencies are supported in Wallets?
Do you offer a white-labeled solution?
What happens when an order is sent to multiple print locations?
How can I map my SKUs to Gelato product UIDs?
What happens if my product is discontinued?
Does the fulfillment region affect production costs?
Where can I find the product UID?
Do you offer 24/7 customer support?
Can you provide more information about your print partners?
What is our default order approval workflow?
Do you offer a warehousing service?
Can I select in which country my order will be produced?
Do you send emails directly to my end customers, including a tracking link?
What is the typical flow of an order and its possible statuses?
Where are the print files stored?  Are they deleted after the order is fulfilled?
How do I see where a specific product is being printed?
Do you have a phone number we can call to solve an issue for a customer?
How can I check the details of an order in the Gelato Dashboard?
Can I speak with someone from the sales team?
Do you support all products and formats in all countries?
To which countries do you deliver?
I have Gelato Wallets enabled. Why was my credit card charged?
How do I apply a discount code?
Gelato's approach to sustainability
How to design a product
How can I check your product price?
Where do you print locally?
Will you be able to bill us per tax residence?
How does the integration with Shutterstock work?
How do I contact Gelato?
What is your return policy and quality guarantee?
How much does Gelato cost?
Gelato Subscriptions
What is print-on-demand (POD) with Gelato?
What Analytics options are in the Gelato App?
Creating Products Via API From Template
Are products the same if ordered from different countries?
Where can I find the order ID in the Gelato Dashboard?
What is the Gelato Affiliate Program?
Become A Production Partner
How does the exchange rate work in Gelato?
Does Gelato offer Customer Service support for my end customers?
How do you ensure consistent quality globally?
About Gelato's production partners
Do you offer live chat support?
What is the manual order approval workflow?
What countries are included in each geographical area?
How to set up and use a Wallet?
What is a product UID?
Updates on Brand Specific Collection