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Canceling Shopify order fulfilled by Gelato
Canceling Shopify order fulfilled by Gelato
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This article will show you how you to cancel a Shopify order that is being fulfilled by Gelato.

Once an order has Fulfillment in progress status, the Cancel order option is no longer available in Shopify. To get this option back, please follow the steps below to cancel/revert the Fulfillment status and get it back to Unfulfilled.

1a. Cancel the current fulfillment first, if it is in request state
Cancel the fulfillment request by clicking the "Cancel request" button.


1b. Revert the current fulfillment, if it is in accepted state
If the fulfillment is already accepted by Gelato we need to request a cancelation of the
fulfillment first


Please click on the "Request cancellation" button.


Once the cancellation request is sent you should use the option "Revert to unfulfilled".


Please click on "Revert to unfulfilled" once more


2. Cancelling the order

please click on the "More actions" button on the order page and there the "Cancel order" option will be available,


3. Confirming the cancellation

Once we choose that option, next popup will ask us about the refund (if order was paid), inventory, reason for this cancellation and notification for your customer.


Once you confirm the cancellation by clicking on "Cancel order", the order status will change and tags Canceled, Refunded, Unfulfilled and Archived will appear ending the journey in Shopify.


Changes to the order status in your Shopify will not stop the order fulfillment in Gelato. To cancel your order in Gelato please refer to this article.

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