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How to change my Shopify order to manual fulfillment/add the tracking link manually?
How to change my Shopify order to manual fulfillment/add the tracking link manually?
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This article will instruct you on how to make the changes mentioned above, which is usually required if the original order was canceled/refused in your Gelato Dashboard and you created a new manual order

By default, the manual order will not be connected with the original order in your Shopify so the information about shipping and tracking link will not be sent automatically. To remedy this, we need to change the order status manually and provide the tracking details from your manual order once it is shipped.

In case you as a Shopify user would like to make changes to the order status, we need to revert the order back to Unfulfilled status and change the fulfillment Location within Shopify to your own. Once the order is no longer marked and fulfilled by Gelato, you will be able to modify the status manually and add the tracking details from the manual order.

Please follow these steps below to proceed with the change and fix the order.

1a. Cancel the current fulfillment first, if it is in request state
Cancel the fulfillment request by clicking the "Cancel request" button.


1b. Revert the current fulfillment, if it is in accepted state
If the fulfillment is already accepted by Gelato we need to request a cancelation of the
fulfillment first


Please click on the "Request cancellation" button.


Once the cancellation request is sent you should use the option "Revert to unfulfilled".


Please click on "Revert to unfulfilled" once more


2. Check if the Change location option is available
Once step 1 is done, you should see another option in the three-dots menu, to change the
location of the fulfillment. It should look like this:


3.(OPTIONAL) If you don't see the option to change the fulfillment location (if you do see the option, please continue to point 4)
If the above option is not available, you should enable it. In order to do so, you should go
through all items of a given order (via Products tab or using the item link in the Order page) and on their settings pages, click the "Edit locations" button


4. Change the location of the fulfillment
You should now click the option to Change the fulfillment location from point 2.
Inside the popup window, please select your own location and press "Save"


5. Fulfill the order
The option to "Fulfill items" will become available again. Please click on that button


On the next pop-up you will be asked to provide tracking information and choose the shipping provider.

Once you will fill in the details please use the "Fulfill Item" button in the Summary.


Once done the order status will change to Fulfilled and Archived tag will appear as well. This will end the orders journey within your Shopify. If you had selected the "Send shipment details to your customer now" they will receive an automated Shopify email with the tracking code you provided.


Changes to the order status in your Shopify will not stop the order fulfillment in Gelato. To cancel your order in Gelato please refer to this article.

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