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How can I fulfill orders directly from Shopify?
How can I fulfill orders directly from Shopify?
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You can initiate Gelato order fulfillment directly from your Shopify store. Whether you're fulfilling current orders or going back to tackle past ones, this enhancement feature is designed to make your order management process smoother and more efficient.

Initiating Gelato order fulfillment from your Shopify store is incredibly simple. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Edit Order (if required): Navigate to the order you want to fulfill in your Shopify admin panel. If any changes are needed, go ahead and make them here.

  2. Request Fulfillment: Once your order is ready to be fulfilled, click the "Request for Fulfillment" button. This action sends the order details directly to Gelato's fulfillment system.

  3. Gelato Takes Care of Fulfillment: After you've requested fulfillment, Gelato steps in to handle the rest. Our system receives the order information and processes the fulfillment, ensuring your products are printed and shipped with the utmost care.

The ability to initiate order fulfillment directly from Shopify not only simplifies your workflow but also saves you time. No more toggling between platforms – streamline your order processing all in one place. Whether you're fulfilling current orders or addressing past ones, the Gelato integration ensures a seamless and efficient order management experience.

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