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What is the typical flow of an order and its possible statuses?
What is the typical flow of an order and its possible statuses?
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Once your customers place an order, the status will go to "Passed" if everything goes well or "Failed" if there are any issues with the file.

You can review the most common reason for failed orders here.


If the file is correct, it will be sent to our print partner and the status will change to "Printed".

Once the order is "Printed" it cannot be canceled or edited any longer.

More information on canceling an order can be found here.

The order will then be dispatched to the shipping address provided - the status will change to "Shipped" and a tracking link will be available.

It is not recommended to update shipping address details after the status is changed to "Printed" as this change might not be sent to our production partner.

More information on updating shipping address details for an order can be found here.

Should anything go wrong during the process, the status of your order item will be changed to "Failed".

It is very important that you understand the order flow, the main statuses an order item can have, and the actions you can perform on an order. Please refer to our technical documentation for more detailed information if you are integrating your website/store via our APIs.

Fulfillment Statuses

In the table below, you will see the complete list of fulfillment statuses and what they mean:

Fulfillment Status



The order was created in Gelato


The design is in the process of being converted to a usable file (embroidery orders only)


The artwork file is being uploaded to our network of partners


The design file has been uploaded correctly and is ready for printing


The order is about to be printed or is already physically printed


The shipping label has already been generated for the order and is ready for pickup, or the parcel is already with the shipping partner


The order was canceled


The order has failed due to the reason shown on the order details page (Read more)

Pending approval

Your order needs to be manually approved. (Read more)

Pending personalization

Your customer has not personalized their order that could be personalized.


Your order is still a draft and has not been processed.

Not connected

The order is for products that are not connected to Gelato

New Fulfillment Statuses were added on May 29th, 2023

Three new order fulfillment statuses were added to the Orders section. At the same time, we started showing quick filters at the top of the page that help our customers filter the order list by fulfillment status, New fulfillment statuses refer to the shipment status after the package was shipped:

Fulfillment Status


In transit

The tracking link was updated and the shipment is on the way to the destination address


The shipment was delivered to the recipient


The shipment was returned to the sender (due to different reasons, e.g. refused by the recipient, incorrect address, not picked up in time from a pick-up point)

Payment Statuses

In this table, you can find the possible payment statuses and what they mean:

Payment Status



The payment for the order is correctly paid


The payment is still being processed and has not been finalized


The payment was refused (Read more)


The payment was canceled as the order was canceled or failed

Partially Refunded

The payment for this order was partially refunded


The payment for this order was fully refunded

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