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Can I change my registration/user's email address?
Can I change my registration/user's email address?
Updated over a week ago

We don't allow changing the registration addresses of existing users.

However, instead, you can add a new user to your account (using the new email address).

If you would like to add a new user, please:

  1. Click on your initials in the upper right corner of the dashboard and navigate to Settings > Users > Add user

  2. Then create a new user


Please click on the Send Invite button after populating all the data about the new user


If your intention is to make the new user (using the new email address) the only user in this account, please make sure the new user has been granted Admin permissions. Then, you can delete the original user account after you log into Gelato Dashboard as the new admin user. You could refer to the related help center article on how to manage users.

The number of users available for your account is linked to your subscription plan:
Free: 2 users
Gelato+: 5 users
Gelato+ Gold: 20 users

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