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How can I change the currency in my Gelato account?
How can I change the currency in my Gelato account?
Updated over a week ago

You can update your account to the preferred currency and/or language in just a few clicks!

  • Account and catalog currency
    Go to the top right corner, click on your initials, then Settings then Language and Currency. You only need to do this once, we will save your preference!

The prices in the product catalog will be displayed in the same currency you just selected in your settings.

You can update this at any time if you need to view a specific product in a different currency.

  • Currency for manual orders
    You can change the displayed currency when placing orders via the Gelato Dashboard. There is a currency selector available that will let you choose between all the currencies we support. The currency selector is available on each step of the ordering flow in the "Summary" section.


You can use wallets to pay for your orders in multiple currencies. In this case, the wallet in the same currency you selected for the order will be charged - e.g. if you select GBP to pay for an order, the wallet in GBP will be charged.

  • Gelato Billing Currency
    You can change the currency used by Gelato to bill you for any orders coming from your e-commerce stores from > Billing > Currency or through this link. This will show all the e-commerce stores currently connected to your Gelato account and the current billing currency.


All manual orders placed via the Dashboard or orders via our open APIs will be charged based on the currency selected by the user at the moment of the order.

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