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Where can I find my invoices and receipts?
Where can I find my invoices and receipts?
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If you are paying with a credit card, Paypal, or with your Gelato Wallet, Gelato won't be sending you any invoices. You can always see the amounts you were charged from the order history (The orders menu on the left).

Download individual receipts

When you click on an order, you can download the receipt as a PDF using the dedicated button on the right - see below.


Download the report in xls or CSV

Alternatively, you can download a "Billing Receipts" report from the Orders menu.


Download an Account Statement

Finally, you can also export an Account Statement with a VAT report that has an overview of all the orders in a specific time frame.

  1. Go to Orders and click on Export, then select Export Account Statement.

  2. Select the time frame

  3. You will receive the export to your email.

  4. This is what the emails look like with a link to download the report.

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