Tracking Updates
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At Gelato, we're dedicated to being open about our operations and want to give you a clear picture of our shipping process. In this article, we'll walk you through how our shipping works and explain why tracking updates might be delayed.

Timely Tracking Updates

It's important to understand that tracking updates may not be immediate due to various factors. To provide a seamless and positive experience, let's delve into why tracking updates may experience some delays:

  • Collection: Once your order is marked as "shipped," it means your items are on their way from our print partner. This step is crucial for a smooth transition from production to delivery, but the time it takes can vary due to a few factors. These factors include how close the print partner is to the sorting station and how the carrier plans its route for efficient package pickup. When the print partner is nearby, things move quickly, but if the sorting station is a bit far, there might be a brief delay. Carriers also plan their routes to make package pickup efficient, which can lead to variations in collection times based on their daily route. Despite these factors causing some variability, we're dedicated to ensuring your order gets on its way to you promptly and efficiently.

  • Weekend Delays: If your order is sent out on a Friday, it might take a leisurely weekend journey before it reaches the sorting station on Monday. Typically, tracking updates become visible after the order is processed at the sorting station. Keep in mind that these weekend delays are a normal part of the process and have a temporary impact on tracking visibility.

  • Sorting: Once your order reaches the sorting station, it needs to be scanned for the tracking update to show up. In most cases, it takes about 2 business days for these updates to appear on the tracking page.

Sometimes, tracking updates may take a little time to appear, but rest assured that your order is already on its way. We're committed to sending out orders based on the timelines indicated in the order's event history.

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