Getting Started with Shipping
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Once your order is processed, it will be produced and delivered to the shipping address provided across our network of hundreds of production and logistics partners.

Gelato's network

We deliver to more than 200+ countries worldwide and have local production in 32 countries thanks to our network of more than 130+ print partners.

Distributed production across multiple locations not only speeds up delivery times but also helps reduce costs and carbon emissions and enables you and your customers to support local businesses.

Where are my products produced?

We are constantly expanding our product range, and not all items are offered and produced in all locations. Sometimes, we may route an order to a different producer and ship the product internationally, rather than to the location closest to your customer. Where an order is routed is determined by an algorithm that works to ensure stock availability, production capacity, and logistics to ensure a smooth and fast delivery.

Our local presence still enables us to produce 95% of your orders in the same country as where they are delivered, and we are constantly expanding our network to include more countries and territories. We deliver worldwide to countries where we do not offer local production.

Customs fees may apply based on local regulations when we ship internationally across borders. We recommend informing your customers that customs fees might apply.

Please note that having production capabilities in a specific country doesn't necessarily mean that a product will be printed in that country, due to technical or logistical limitations.

Shipping prices

You can get quotes on live shipping prices in the Gelato Dashboard by placing an order, or by simply exploring our Product Catalog, which provides the shipping price for each product.

We offer flat shipping rates on most products, which means that you have the same price in all countries within a specific geographical area. Below you can see example shipping prices for the White 11oz Ceramic Mug with Color Inside for specific areas.

Delivery times

The delivery time reflects how long it takes to produce and fulfill the order and the time it takes to ship the product to your customer. Delivery times vary and are determined by multiple factors, including but not limited to:

  • Type of product

  • Where it is produced

  • Where it is delivered

  • The size and dimensions of the order

  • Production capacity

  • Shipping method

An overview of our average delivery times per country can be found here, and if you want a live estimate you can place an order and view the estimated delivery dates in the dashboard.


Please bear in mind that the estimated delivery date includes:

  • Fulfillment time: the time to create your products, which depends on the product.

  • Shipping time: the time to deliver from the print partner to the delivery address, which depends on the production country, delivery country, shipping method selected, the status of the network, and other factors.

The estimated delivery dates are indicative and are subject to change.

Shipping information

Providing correct shipping information will ensure that the orders are delivered smoothly. Please bear in mind the following:

  • Shipping addresses for China, Japan, and South Korea must be added in the local language due to the shipping partners' requirements. For some fields, a limited number of Latin characters is allowed.

  • The fields have a character limit (different for each field) - this is due to shipping partners' requirements. It is not possible to exceed the limit because this would not fit on the shipping label.

  • For Brazil, there are some additional requirements needed to comply with local tax regulations.

Shipping options

We provide a combination of local and international shipping options. You can see what shipment methods are available when you place an order.

For most countries, you can choose between Standard/Economy and Express shipping:

  • Standard/Economy is the standard delivery service. The delivery time for domestic standard packages is usually between 2 and 4 days.

  • Express Shipping is processed with priority by the shipping company and delivery is expedited. When delivery time is critical, we recommend opting for Express delivery.


Based on our experience shipping millions of orders worldwide and supported by our customer feedback, we have defined the most efficient and damage-resistant ways to package our products to ensure compliance with local shipping requirements as well as the lowest damage rate. More information can be found here.

Your company name will be visible as the sender on the shipping label, however, we also offer branded packaging and insert labels as a part of a Gelato+ or Gelato+ Gold subscription.


You can find more information on shipping and other topics in our Help Centre here.

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