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What happens when an order contains products that are out of stock?
What happens when an order contains products that are out of stock?
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This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to handle orders containing out-of-stock products. We understand that encountering such situations can be inconvenient, so we've outlined the steps and options available to ensure a smooth resolution.

What to Do When an Order Contains Out-of-Stock Products

When an order includes items that are currently unavailable, it's automatically marked as "Failed." Don't worry, you won't be charged for these orders. You'll also receive an email notification about the situation, providing you with a few choices:

  1. Switch to an Equivalent Product: Conveniently replace the out-of-stock item with a similar alternative, such as a different color, material, or size. You can easily do this by clicking "Edit" on the Gelato Dashboard. The image below guides you through the process.


  2. Resubmit When Back in Stock: Choose to wait for the product to be restocked. You can monitor the estimated restock time on our stock status page for frames & hangers. For apparel, timelines are more dynamic, and providing specific dates can be difficult. Once the product is available, simply click "Edit" on the order and resubmit.

  3. Cancel the Order: If you prefer not to fulfill the order, no action is required on your end. The order will remain in the "Failed" status and won't be processed.

For better control over your inventory, consider temporarily removing out-of-stock products from your store or marking them as unavailable. To stay updated on sold-out items and their replenishment dates, you can find the latest information here.

How to Edit and Resubmit an Order with Out-of-Stock Items

Follow these simple steps to edit and resubmit your order:

  1. Orders from Shopify or Etsy: If you're managing orders from Shopify or Etsy and the desired alternative product is already connected to Gelato, follow these steps: Add product > Select existing product. Once added, remove the out-of-stock product. The images below illustrate the process.


  2. Orders Created on the Dashboard: For orders placed directly on the dashboard, add a new product to the order. Select a different variant of the out-of-stock product and apply the same artwork. Afterward, remove the original out-of-stock product from the order. Refer to the images below for visual guidance.


  3. Change the Product UID: This method is most efficient if you need to switch multiple orders to the same specific product. The image below shows you how to change the product UID.


The option to change the Product UID is available if:

  1. The order originated from Shopify or Etsy, and the product was initially created using the "Upload your print" option during product creation or connection.

  2. The order was placed directly on the dashboard using the "Upload your print" option.

  3. The order was placed through the API.

When changing the Product UID, in certain cases, Gelato automatically resizes your artwork. This usually applies to Shopify/Etsy orders where PNG/JPEG files were used with the "Upload your print" option. However, in other instances, the artwork might not be automatically adjusted to the printable area, potentially leading to white or blank spaces. It's always recommended to double-check the product preview to ensure the artwork appears as intended before placing the order.

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