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What happens if my product is discontinued?
What happens if my product is discontinued?
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You will be notified via email that some of the products you sell will be discontinued and the date they will be removed. We constantly evaluate the products in our portfolio and, occasionally, may decide to discontinue some of the products from our catalog in order to optimize your - and your customers' - Gelato experience.

By discontinuing some products, we can focus on improving our portfolio to offer more reliable products and a better customer experience.

What you should do if your product is discontinued

Offer an Alternative Product

We are continuously working to expand our portfolio to give customers the best possible selling experience.

You can disconnect the affected product variant and connect it with a substitute product by browsing our product catalog. You can do it by clicking Disconnect under the menu on the right side of each connected variant. Once the product variant is disconnected, click the Connect button to find and connect with an alternative product.


Delete the Affected Product

You can delete the affected products from your store, which will be flagged in the list of products when accessing your store’s page in Gelato. You can view all the items in your store by clicking on your store on the store list page.

Shopify and Etsy customers can delete the products from their Gelato dashboard, which will automatically sync and delete them from Shopify and Etsy stores. You can read more about how to delete products from your Shopify store here and for your Etsy store here.

Woocommerce customers should delete the products through their Woocommerce dashboard, and then sync to Gelato.

Customers using direct API connect should make the relevant changes in their system and reach out to us if any support is required.

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