Getting started with Order Desk
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Order Desk enables you to connect to over 275+ services that include Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etsy, eBay, Squarespace, Magento, Ecwid and many more. It is a great solution for the platforms that Gelato does not yet offer its own integration or when you have a more advanced use case such as wanting to use different suppliers depending on shipping country for example.

Getting started with Order Desk

If you don’t already have an account with Order Desk then go to and sign-up.

  1. Start by adding Gelato to Order Desk by clicking “Add to Order Desk” on this page

  2. Once done then follow the steps in Order Desk’s setup guide. See below for more details about where you find API keys, configuring webhooks, and print parameters.

  3. It is time to set up your products, orders, and rules in Order Desk. Order Desk takes you through it step by step here.

If you are working with multiple print suppliers which all have different print_skus then you also need to follow the instructions here to set up the Product Code Match. This enables each supplier to understand the print_skus without you breaking your setup with your original supplier.

If you are receiving orders that need to be modified before sending them to print, such as for example customizing a customer’s photo into an artwork, then uncheck “Automatically Approve Submitted Orders” in the Settings page for the Gelato integration. Then all orders will be created with the status “Pending approval”. Then it can be modified in the Gelato Dashboard before being sent to print.


Add a Gelato API Key to Order Desk

You generate the API key in your Gelato dashboard. Once generated you paste it into the API key field in Order Desk as per their instructions.

Setup Webhooks / Notifications

To automatically update Order Desk with the correct status of each order you need to set up a webhook/notification.

Go to Order Desk and copy the Webhook URL found under Basic Settings for the Gelato Integration.


Next, go to the Gelato Dashboard and set up a webhook/notification by following these instructions. The URL reference in the article is the “Webhook URL” from Order Desk.

Print SKU and Print URL

When setting up products/variants to be fulfilled by Gelato you need to set a print_sku and print_url for each variant.


In the Gelato Dashboard, print_sku is called Product UID. It denotes the exact physical product that the artwork will be printed on. You easily find the Product UID on each product page. Copy it and paste it into the print_sku field for the specific product. For example on this page, the poster for 30x40cm vertical has Product UID: flat_product_pf_300x400-mm_pt_200-gsm-uncoated_cl_4-0_ct_none_prt_none_sft_none_set_none_ver

Print URL is the link to your print file/artwork. For more details see “3. Preparing Artwork Files” in Order Desk’s Print On Demand guide.

Additional resources

We have also created some additional resources to make your life easier. We recommend reviewing these:

Selecting between Shopify and Order Desk for Shopify users

For most customers, we recommend using the Gelato Shopify app, but there are use cases when Order Desk is the preferred solution. An easy rule of thumb for helping to decide if you should use Gelato’s Shopify app or Order Desk is:

Do you want to use Gelato to fulfill worldwide for the product?

  • If the answer is yes, then the Shopify app is a perfect fit for you.

  • If the answer is no, then Order Desk is likely what you should be using.


  1. You have a store that sells light bulbs, sunglasses, posters, and canvases. You want Gelato to fulfill all your poster and canvas orders across the world.
    Use the Shopify app. Install the app and connect the posters and canvases and let Gelato fulfill them worldwide. Note that the light bulbs and sunglasses will continue to be fulfilled by that customer’s other suppliers.

  2. You have a store that sells posters and canvases and where you want Gelato to fulfill deliveries to some countries but to use another supplier for some other countries.
    Use Order Desk. In Order Desk you are able to set up rules on which orders should be sent to Gelato and to the other suppliers.

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