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How do I control stock availability in my Etsy store?
How do I control stock availability in my Etsy store?
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By activating the feature "Update stock availability automatically", you will see when a specific product availability has changed - i.e. when a product is discontinued or temporarily out of stock at our print partners - and make the product unavailable for your end-customer to purchase.

This feature works for the following products: Hangers, framed posters, and drinkware.

How to enable this feature

This feature can be enabled for your store from the store settings menu.

  1. Go to Stores and find the store for which you want to enable the feature

  2. Click on the 3-dots menu on the right and select "Edit store details"

  3. Check the box called "Update stock availability automatically"

  4. A drop-down menu will appear called "Selling region"

  5. Select the region that you primarily sell in from the drop-down menu and save the changes

To ensure the correct functioning of this feature, please verify that all options, including Price, Quantities, and SKUs, have 'vary for each size' enabled in variation settings in Etsy, otherwise, we may disable the whole listing for the period where a specific variant is temporarily out of stock.

Once the feature is enabled, it performs the synchronization for all the connected products immediately. Please do not make any changes to the quantities of the products and variations as this may disrupt the sync.

Currently, you can only select one region and the product availability in that region will determine if the product is in or out of stock. E.g. if your Selling Region is Europe and a Framed Poster is out of stock in Europe then we will set the product to be out of stock in your store, even if the product is available in Gelato in North America.

This means, that it is currently not possible to select multiple regions or to select no regions at all. If you are selling globally, you still have to select a selling region and this will be taken into account when deciding whether the product should be marked as out of stock or back in stock.

How does it work?

Once you enabled this feature and selected the selling region, for each of the product variants marked as out of stock, Gelato will set the available quantity to 0 and the product will be shown as "sold out" at checkout so that your end-customers won't be able to purchase it (see below). Once the product is back in stock, the available quantity will be set to 999 items.

When adding new products to your store, product variants that are temporarily out-of-stock will be marked accordingly in your store. Note that there is no possibility of having 0 offerings for the whole product. This means that in case all product variants will go out of stock (for example all variants are framed posters with the same frame size or it's a product with one variant only), at least one will remain with a positive stock level quantity. This is Etsy's limitation.

The sync takes place automatically every 24 hours based on the changes in our print partners' stock levels. You will receive an email notification if items are marked as out-of-stock or back-in-stock during stock synchronization.

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