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Frames & Hangers - Stock Status
Frames & Hangers - Stock Status
Updated this week

Live availability of a specific frame or hanger is always available in our product catalog. You can read more about this here.

We have been able to provide over 250 variants of frames and hangers globally thanks to our global network. At the same time, some items go temporarily out of stock as lead times have increased due to global events resulting in the slowdown of supply chains.

Below, you will find the planned replenishment dates for each frame model.

This article is updated daily from Monday to Friday based on the current stock situation. The replenishment dates are tentative and do not constitute a guarantee as they may change due to unforeseen circumstances. What is more, we may not always have replenishment dates to share for all formats that are out of stock. We apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured that we will share timelines as soon as they are provided by our suppliers.

Suggesting an Alternative Frame
If your order contains a frame or hanger that is currently out of stock, you can suggest an alternative frame or hanger in a different color/material that is showing as in stock in our product catalog. For instance: Your customer ordered a 12x16 inch black wood frame and it is out of stock, but the same sized frame is available in Dark Wood, Natural Wood, and White Wood. You could suggest these frames to your customer.

Items that are temporarily out of stock (updated May 17th 2024)



Planned Replenishment



North America

Hanger 8x12 inch Dark Wood

Hanger 12x12 inch Dark Wood

Hanger 11x17 inch Dark Wood

Hanger A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) Dark Wood

Hanger 12x12 inch Dark Wood

Hanger 12x16 inch Dark Wood

Hanger 12x18 inch Dark Wood









South America

Rest of the World

All other frames and hanger formats are in stock in all regions.

Discontinued Sizes
These three sizes are not available anymore in EU/RoW and we will not take orders for them anymore.

Frame size

Replaced or Discontinued?

280x430mm (28x43cm / XL(11x17″))



Replaced by 600x900mm


Replaced by 450x600mm

What Happens When A Product Is Ordered, But It Is Out Of Stock?

We will inform you via email immediately when we receive orders for products that are out of stock. You can then choose a solution that will work best for your customer. See detailed information about the options here.

When you buy a frame or framed poster in inches and ship it to a country where we produce frames in centimeters, we will convert it to an equivalent centimeter format to use local stock and deliver fast. You can find the full list of inch sizes with equivalent centimeter sizes here.

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