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Can I change the sender name on the shipping label?
Can I change the sender name on the shipping label?
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Your store name is set as the sender name by default for orders imported from the store. If your orders are imported through API integration, Order Desk, or placed manually, the sender name will be indicated as your company name. The address on the label will be Gelato's print partner's address to manage any return of undeliverable items.

Changing your Store name

You can change the sender name on the shipping label by updating your store name directly in the settings of your store from the Stores page.


Remember to save changes after updating the store name.

Multiple connected stores

If you have multiple e-commerce stores connected to the same Gelato account, you can change the name of each store. The sender name on the label will automatically reflect the store name, depending on which store your order comes in through.

Current Limitations

Due to technical limitations involving certain shipping carriers, it may not always be possible for your store name to be reflected on the shipping label. In cases where this is not possible, your customer will see that their orders will be sent from a generic "Fulfillment Center". Your customer will not know that Gelato is involved in the order.

It is also not currently possible to add your logo to the shipping label.

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