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What are the shipping options for my orders?
What are the shipping options for my orders?
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We provide a combination of local and international shipping options. You can see what shipment methods are available in each country when placing a manual order or by exploring our Product Catalog in the Gelato Dashboard.

In most countries, we offer the option to choose between Standard/Economy and Express shipping.

  • Standard or Economy is a delivery service for mail that is too heavy for a normal letter post. Delivery time for domestic standard parcel delivery normally takes between 2-4 days.

  • Express Services are processed by the shipping company as a priority as it is time-sensitive: delivery is expedited. When delivery time is critical, we recommend opting for Express delivery.

  • Pallet shipping for large orders: To ensure the quality of the delivered products for large orders and volumes, we will ship on pallets for orders weighing over 28kg. A loading bay, lifting platform, or other forklift equipment is required for receiving the goods.

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