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What are the shipping options for my orders?
What are the shipping options for my orders?
Updated over a week ago

This article outlines the shipping options available through our platform. We offer various shipping methods to cater to diverse needs, ensuring your orders reach their destinations safely and efficiently.

We provide a combination of local and international shipping options. You can see which shipment methods are available in each country when placing a manual order or by exploring our Product Catalog in the Gelato Dashboard.

Shipping Methods

In most countries, we offer the option to choose between Standard/Economy and Express shipping.

  • Standard or Economy is a delivery service for mail that is too heavy for normal letter posts. Delivery time for domestic standard parcel delivery normally takes between 2-4 days.

  • Express Services are processed by the shipping company as a priority, as it is time-sensitive: delivery is expedited. When delivery time is critical, we recommend opting for Express delivery.

  • Pallet shipping for large orders: To ensure the quality of the delivered products for large orders and volumes, we will ship on pallets for orders weighing over 28kg. A loading bay, lifting platform, or other forklift equipment is required for receiving the goods.

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