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Where can I find the flat rates for shipping?
Where can I find the flat rates for shipping?
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This article outlines how to locate and understand Gelato's flat shipping rates, which apply to most products. It also covers geographical shipping areas, calculating shipping costs, and exploring other shipping options like express shipping.

Finding Flat Shipping Rates

Gelato makes it easy to determine shipping costs. Flat shipping rates are displayed directly within the product catalog. Simply navigate to the product page, as shown in the example below.

The provided rates represent the standard shipping costs. These rates differentiate between the first product in an order and any additional products within the same order.

For products without pre-defined flat rates, you'll see a variable shipping price that's calculated at checkout based on factors such as destination and chosen shipping method.

Understanding Shipping Rates and Currencies

To simplify your experience, the shipping rates in the product catalog are displayed in the same currency as the product prices.

You can easily manage your preferred currency within your account settings. Go to the top-right corner where your initials are located, then navigate to "Settings > Language and Currency" to select your desired currency.

While our flat shipping rates are set in EUR, we automatically apply the current fixed exchange rate if you sell in a different currency. This calculation happens seamlessly when the order is placed.

Geographical Shipping Areas

Gelato has established geographical shipping areas to simplify shipping price configurations. Flat shipping rates are determined based on these zones, ensuring consistent pricing within each region. For instance, a single flat rate applies to all countries within Europe.

The defined geographical areas include:

Please note that not all shipping areas may be available for every product. The absence of a specific shipping area for a product indicates that shipping to that region might not be supported.

Calculating Shipping Prices with Flat Rates

Let's break down how to calculate shipping prices based on our flat rates for different order scenarios.

Single Product Orders:

For orders containing a single product, refer to the "Shipping first product" price listed in the product catalog. This price determines the shipping cost.


Multiple Quantities of the Same Product:

To calculate the shipping cost for orders with multiple quantities of the same product, use the following formula:

First product shipping price + [Additional product shipping price x (Quantity - 1)]


Multiple Quantities of the Same Product in Different Sizes:

For orders containing the same product in different sizes, calculate the shipping cost using the highest "First product" price among the chosen sizes. Then, add the "Additional product" price for any additional quantities of the product, regardless of their size.


Orders with Different Products:

Produced in a Single Location:

For orders containing different products produced in the same location, identify the product with the higher "First product" shipping price. Then, add the "Additional product" price of the product with the lower shipping cost.



Produced in Different Locations:

When an order includes different products manufactured in separate locations, shipping costs are calculated independently for each production origin. For a deeper understanding of this scenario, refer to this article for detailed information.

Exact Shipping Costs and Express Shipping

Determining Exact Shipping Costs

To obtain precise shipping costs for an order, proceed to the checkout page and add the desired items to your cart. Click on "Calculate Shipping" to view the available shipping methods, estimated delivery date, and calculated shipping costs. This provides the most accurate shipping information tailored to your specific order.

Exploring Express Shipping Options

While flat shipping rates typically cover economy shipping, you have the flexibility to explore express shipping methods for faster delivery.

To obtain live pricing for express shipping, you can:

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