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Where can I see all the charges on my Wallet?
Where can I see all the charges on my Wallet?
Updated over a week ago

Here you can see all order charges and the top-ups you made on your wallet.

  • Click on your initials in the upper right corner of the dashboard

  • Navigate to Billing > Payment > Wallets

  • Click on the 3-dot menu and select Transaction History


By default, you will have an overview of transactions from the past 30 days but you can use date filters to change, narrow, or broaden the time periods.


You can also download a receipt for your top-ups, as shown below:


To simplify the search through the transaction history, you can use the available transaction type filter options:

  • Manual top-ups (a manual wallet top-up)

  • Automatic top-up (auto top-up, as described here)

  • Automatic payment for the order (when the wallet is automatically topped up as a payment for a placed order)

  • Internal top-up (bank transfer or manual top-up made by Gelato)

  • Refund (canceled order refund always goes to the wallet, more information here)

  • Withdrawal (withdrawal from wallet, more information here)

To confirm the card the transaction was made, you can refer to the "payment method" column in your wallet.

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