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How to top-up your wallet via Bank/Wire Transfer
How to top-up your wallet via Bank/Wire Transfer
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From August 2023 you will be able to independently generate the information needed to use bank/wire transfer as a payment method to top up your wallet. This feature will provide all the details your bank would need to transfer the funds, either by going physically to your local bank or via online banking.

This feature does not generate the transfer on its own, it only provides the necessary information for you to be able to do the transfer. Please make sure you include the reference provided as otherwise we won't be able to locate the payment.

Go to the top right corner, select Billing, then Payment:

Here you will see a 'Prepayments' option, click on Create:

If you use multiple wallets/currencies please make sure you send separate bank/wire transfers, one per currency.

How to use it:

Add the amount and currency you need (the minimum amount is 2,500 for the selected currency. Supported currencies are USD, GBP, EUR, and NOK).

When calculating the amount you want to add to your wallet please consider any additional fees the bank might charge you for the transfer.

Please make sure the Company Name in the transfer matches the Company name of your account in Gelato. If we receive a transfer that does not match with the request (i.e Name, Amount, Currency, etc), we will need to reject it.

Once the payment is received, the fund will be automatically added to your wallet (this funds may not be withdrawn from the wallet).

In the next screen, you will see all the details you will need to initiate a bank/wire transfer, including the reference needed for us to locate the payment. If you have a character limitation in the payment reference field, please use the last 10 digits (or as many as you are allowed to use).

Tip: Use the copy icons on the left of each field to copy-paste the data if you are doing a transfer via online banking.

To view the transaction's history or download a payment receipt go back to the Payments page and click View.

For successful (accepted) transaction you will see the icon of an arrow pointing down (next to the amount), here you can click to download the receipt.

Important: Requests that were created but never completed (i.e the wire transfer was never initiated, status pending) should be cancelled. In the View section, click on the 3 dots on the right, and select view again:

Then at the bottom of the screen, select Cancel:

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