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Why do you process the refunds to my Wallet?
Why do you process the refunds to my Wallet?
Updated over a week ago

In some cases, you might be entitled to a refund for an order you have placed (e.g. when an order is damaged or lost). In such cases, the Gelato Support team will process a refund for you after having verified that this is actually due.

Also, if you cancel an order before it is actually printed, you will be entitled to a full refund.

In all cases, the refund will be automatically credited to the wallet in the currency used to pay for the order and not to your credit card.

If the order was placed using a currency not available in wallets, the funds will be added to the EUR wallet. You will then be able to use the credit in your wallet to pay for future orders. If you prefer the refunds to be credited back to your credit card, please see here.

It is important to note that crediting the funds to your credit card will take 3-5 days while the refund to the wallet is instantaneous.

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