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Understanding the payment process for your orders
Understanding the payment process for your orders
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When starting your own POD business you might have a few questions regarding the payment flow of your orders. How do I get paid? When and how do I get charged? In this article, we will attempt to provide some guidance.

At the time of defining the product price in your store (retail price), you need to take into account the price you will pay Gelato for the product, the shipping fees, and any applicable taxes - anything that is left on top of that will be your margin. Read more about how to set up prices here.

There are 2 main flows:

  1. Manual orders
    If you are placing manual orders through the Gelato Dashboard you pay Gelato for the fulfillment and shipping of the product during checkout and that’s the only transaction that will take place.

  2. Orders coming from an integrated online store
    If you have an online store connected with Gelato and customer orders from your store there are two separate transactions that take place:

    1. The first is the retail transaction between your customer and you. Your customer places an order on your store and pays you using one of the payment methods you set up through your store’s payments platform. Gelato has nothing to do with this transaction.

    2. The second is the order fulfillment transaction between you and Gelato. When Gelato gets the order, we will charge you for fulfillment and shipping using the payment method on record (typically credit card).

Gelato does not control the price you choose to apply in your store nor how/when you collect the money from your end customer. The payment from your end customer is not forwarded to Gelato; instead, it will remain within your online store. You can refer to our e-commerce platform for detailed information on the process of withdrawing payments from your customers. It's crucial to keep a valid payment method linked to your Gelato account with enough funds for incoming orders.

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