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Does the fulfillment region affect production costs?
Does the fulfillment region affect production costs?
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Prices may vary across regions for some products. This depends on where the product has to be fulfilled and delivered.

This means that a product produced and delivered in the USA cost differently than the same product that is produced and delivered in Europe.

We currently have regional pricing for our tote bags, apparel, posters, and framed poster products.

Checking the different prices based on the delivery region

From the product pages of these products in our Product Catalog, you will be able to see the different product prices and shipping prices for different regions.

By changing the country in the dropdown menu at the top of the product page, the product price will be updated if the selected country belongs to a region that has a different product price from what you're already seeing.


Additionally, for these products, you will also see the Regional Pricing table on the product page that will display the different product prices per region.


You can always select a different currency to display prices on the top right of the page. You can read more in our article How can I check your product price?

To see which countries are included in each of the geographical regions, you can refer to our Help Center article What countries are included in each geographical area?.

How do you recommend I price my products with Regional Pricing?

How low or high you choose to set your retail price is completely up to you. However, we can recommend a couple of best practices that can help you decide how to price your products:

  1. Find the product prices for the region where you have the largest volume of sales and add your product margin on top of this price.

  2. If your sales volume is spread across regions, we recommend you to check either the average price for each of these regions or the highest product price amongst these regions and add your product margin on top of this price.

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