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How do I set up Gelato delivery profiles for Etsy?
How do I set up Gelato delivery profiles for Etsy?
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Gelato delivery profiles for Etsy have been created to allow you to easily mirror the shipping costs Gelato will charge you to your customers at checkout. This means that you will charge your customer exactly the same amount that Gelato charges you for shipping.

How it works

Gelato delivery profiles are automatically created in your Etsy store when you connect your store to Gelato and products are automatically assigned to the relevant delivery profile when you add a new product from Gelato.

All new products you add to your Etsy store using the Gelato integration will be automatically assigned to a delivery profile which will reflect the flat shipping rates we offer for the smallest formats of the selected products. Due to platform limitations, all product variants are assigned to the same delivery profile even though shipping flat rates might differ between them. We suggest creating separate products for the formats with different shipping rates.
Shipping rates for different products and formats are available in our product catalog: Where can I find the flat rates for shipping

If you want to offer a different shipping rate for some products, you must create your own delivery profiles on Etsy and assign your products to those. Please do NOT make changes to Gelato delivery profiles as these won't be retained.

Gelato delivery profiles on Etsy

You can find Gelato delivery profiles in your Etsy Shop Manager under Settings > Delivery settings > Delivery profiles.


Please note that delivery profiles might change over time to reflect changing shipping costs.

You can read more about Etsy delivery profiles in Etsy Help Center.

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