What's the retail price?
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The retail price is the amount you charge your customer for a product. The difference between your retail price and Gelato's price is your profit. So, if Gelato charges you 11.07 USD for product fulfillment and your product retail price is 24.23 USD, your profit on the product cost is 13.16 USD - see the example below.

This assumes your customer is paying separately for the shipping costs. If your product is published with free shipping (meaning you took into account the shipping and production costs when setting the retail price), then your profit will be 8.16 USD.


You can find the price of our products in our catalog. Read more about this in our article How can I check your product price? You can also get an accurate and specific calculation for each order in the checkout process.

Placing orders via the Gelato Dashboard

If you are placing a manual order via the Gelato Dashboard, you will be able to indicate a retail price for both the product and the shipping - this will be reflected on the commercial invoice that might be added to your parcel in case of international shipping.

Adding products to your e-commerce store

When you are adding a product to your Shopify or Etsy stores, you will be asked to indicate the retail price and/or your profit for each product variant/variation you are uploading.


While the majority of orders are fulfilled locally due to our network of production partners, in the rare case an order could be sent internationally to a destination that only offers DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid, so may have customs fees). In such cases the retail price will be used to calculate the order value.

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