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Gelato+ Gold: What are Shipping Profit Margins?
Gelato+ Gold: What are Shipping Profit Margins?
Updated over a week ago

You can set a profit margin on the shipping prices. This setting is compatible with Shopify and Etsy stores connected to Gelato.

By setting a profit margin for shipping costs, you will charge your customers a higher amount for the shipping cost of each order when they buy products connected to your Gelato store. It is compatible with both flat-rate shipping and live-rate shipping.

Example: You set a shipping profit margin of 20%. The shipping cost (the amount Gelato will charge you for shipping) for an order is €10. Your customer will be charged €12 for shipping. So that you make a profit of €2 (20%).

We recommend you use our easy pricing tool (available on the homepage of your dashboard) to best strategize pricing for your products!

Read more on how you can set this up in our article Can I set a profit margin on my shipping price?

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