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What are Price Navigator's main features?
What are Price Navigator's main features?
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The Price Navigator and the pricing table help you see your current estimated profits, see the prices relative to the market, and make quick bulk changes for all products or a subset of products (e.g. one type of product, one type of variant, or products in one store).

  • Preview costs for products and shipping in different countries and currencies

You can preview costs in different currencies for different countries.

Anything you publish will be published in the store currency.

  • See a history of price changes and restore previous prices

You can see a history of price changes and roll back anything that didn’t work out.

  • Easy bulk edits

You can use filters and view products by variant, type of product, amount of profit, etc.

    1. Select a product and its variants you would like to apply changes to.

    2. Change prices for them in bulk. You will also be able to review the changes before publishing.

    3. Publish the changes.

  • Price Guide to help you understand pricing for a specific product in a specific market

Hover over the icon to see your currently set price relative the the market for that product and country combination.

  • Customizable tables to include costs you want to be calculated into profit

You can customize which costs you want to see and calculate in the profit. For example, you can include Etsy platform costs to ensure profit even after paying the fees. You can also choose to include/exclude shipping prices, etc.

  • Compare-at pricing: set discounts and run sales from the Price Navigator

This feature is available for Shopify only.

This feature allows you to set sale prices for products without using discount codes. You can also refer to the Shopify Help Center here Setting sale prices.

When in Price Navigator, choose to add the Compare at price column from the column picker. If you set a price there, it’ll show crossed off on your Shopify store.

The Price Navigator is available for Gelato+ Gold subscribers only.

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