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Getting Started with API Integration
Getting Started with API Integration
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This article provides a comprehensive guide to integrating your custom store with Gelato's APIs, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Technical Documentation

Before diving into the integration process, it's crucial for your technical team to be well-versed in our technical documentation. You can access it here.

This documentation serves as a comprehensive resource, outlining all the necessary details and requirements. Make sure to review it periodically, as updates and new functionalities may be added.

Gelato Dashboard

Consider the Gelato Dashboard your command center for all things related to your Gelato API integration. It provides:

  • In-depth information on products offered by our global network, including pricing details.

  • Complete control over orders placed through the Gelato API.

Design Requirements and Product Mapping

To ensure optimal print results, it's important to familiarize yourself with our design requirements. Please make sure the files you submit adhere to these guidelines.

Additionally, a clear understanding of product UIDs and how to map your products to Gelato's standards is essential for a smooth integration.

Products, Pricing, and Shipping

For detailed information regarding the products we offer, their specifications, geographical limitations, and pricing based on country and quantity, refer to the comprehensive product catalog accessible through our dashboard. You can find further insights into products and designs here.

As shipping prices are dynamic and based on real-time availability and methods in each country, they are not listed on the dashboard. For a comprehensive understanding of how shipping prices are determined, please refer to the information provided here.

Testing Your Integration

Once you're ready to test your integration, you can generate a key and include it in the X-API-KEY header of your HTTP requests. This enables you to:

Additional testing functionalities are available, allowing you to explore and understand the API's capabilities further. You can also utilize the API Portal to request quotes and place test orders even before your integration is fully completed. This provides an opportunity to gain an initial understanding of the required information, the correct way to match files with the appropriate product UIDs, and the responses you can expect to receive.

When you use a key in your Live environment, you can experience the full order fulfillment process, including shipping and delivery to the provided address, allowing for end-to-end testing.

Additional Information

We've compiled some additional resources that you might find helpful:

  • Shipping: Essential details about our shipping processes.

  • Customer Service: A detailed explanation of our customer service procedures and the information we require from you.

  • Terms of Use: Our general terms of use for the service.

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