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How do I move my existing WooCommerce products to Gelato?
How do I move my existing WooCommerce products to Gelato?
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You can easily move your existing products in WooCommerce to be fulfilled via Gelato, no matter if you fulfill them via another supplier today.

There are 3 options to move your products:

  1. Import orders (highly recommended for everyone)

  2. Connect individual products (if you have a few products)

  3. Bulk connect products (if you have hundreds or thousands of products)

    • Import orders

You can easily transition your future orders and products to Gelato by using the Import order functionality. It will create all orders that you receive in WooCommerce as draft orders in Gelato. The orders will have the status Not connected and you can choose to connect or ignore, on an item level, each order.

Once you have connected an order item any future order with the same product will be automatically processed for you (in accordance with your store settings).

    • Connect individual products

If you only have a few existing products in your WooCommerce store, you can connect them to Gelato individually.

    • Bulk connect products

If you are looking to move to Gelato and have hundreds or thousands of products in your store, then this option is for you. Gelato has the functionality to bulk import products. There is no limit on how many products and variants can be imported and connected with it in one go.

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