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How do I connect my WooCommerce store to Gelato?
How do I connect my WooCommerce store to Gelato?
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Connect WooCommerce store to Gelato:

  • Step 1

Connection Checklist

    1. Please make sure that your WooCommerce version is 2.4.8 or higher, it’s required for the Gelato app to work properly.

    2. Check that your WooCoomerce store has a HTTPS connection and doesn’t have redirection. This can be checked here.

    3. Make sure that WooCommerce REST API is accessible. This can be verified by going to the .htaccess file and making sure it has this entry: SetEnvIf Authorization "(.*)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1. For more information, please check these WordPress and Github posts

  • Step 2

Enable REST API in your WooCommerce settings

    1. From the Admin Panel of your store, open "WooCommerce → Settings → Advanced".

    2. Under the "Legacy API" tab, "Enable the legacy REST API".

    3. Click "Save Changes".

  • Step 3

Make sure that permalink setting are not set to Plain

WooCommerce REST API currently works only when WordPress permalinks are enabled. So in order to use the API, you need to make sure that the Permalink setting is not set to the default value. The permalink feature depends on your server configuration - if URL rewriting is not available, then the permalinks will not work.

    1. Open "Settings → Permalinks"

    2. Under "Common Settings" choose any other link structure other than "Plain" in order for the WooCommerce API to work.

    3. Click "Save Changes".

    4. You can now check if the WooCommerce API is working by opening in the browser. If the response contains JSON code with store information, then the API works, otherwise, the permalinks are not enabled correctly.

  • Step 4

Install the Gelato plugin

    1. Go to your WooCommerce site and open up the “Plugins → Add new” in the left menu.

    2. Search, install, and activate the Gelato plugin.

  • Step 5

Connect your WooCommerce to Gelato

    1. Open the Gelato tab in the left menu and click “Connect to Gelato”

    2. Allow access to the Gelato plugin

  • Step 6

With the Gelato plugin, you can create products, their mockup images, descriptions, and pricing. Start adding your products by going to your connected WooCommerce → Add products.

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