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How do I change the product configuration of an Etsy listing already connected to Gelato?
How do I change the product configuration of an Etsy listing already connected to Gelato?
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If you have already connected some products from your Etsy store to Gelato, you might want to make changes to the listing (or to some specific variations) without having to delete the whole listing. E.g. you might want to change the paper type.

Changing Paper type

  1. Go to your Gelato account, click on Stores, and then click on your store - all your listings will be shown there. If some listings don't show, click on Sync products

  2. Click on the listing you want to edit.

  3. Find the variation you want to edit, click on the 3 dots, and select Disconnect - this will disconnect this variation from Gelato which means that Gelato won't be fulfilling orders for this variation anymore.

  4. Once the variation is disconnected, click on Connect and follow the connection flow again to select the product and characteristics that this variation should have. As part of the flow, you will also be asked to re-upload a design which is what will be printed when this variation is ordered from your store.


    If you need to completely disconnect the product with all variations you can click on Ignore button and then go to the Ignored tab, open your listing, and click on Stop Ignoring it next to the variant you want to reconnect. This will move the variants back to the Not Connected tab and allow you for example to change the paper type for all product variants at once.


Changing sizes and colors

  1. To change or add variation sizes and colors(for apparel) you can simply open the product and click on the Edit Designs button.

  2. This opens the editor where you have to click on the Product tab where you shall be able to edit and add new sizes or colors depending on the product.


This workflow shall not be available if the Expand Products feature was used for this product.

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