How to design a product
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The design editor is the best way to create your print files with Gelato. You can access the editor by selecting "Start designing" on the product page and uploading your designs/images. If you want to know more about how to add a product to your store please follow this link.

This action will open the editor:

On the left-hand side, you will see a control panel that provides several tools for you to customize your product. Below is a short description of how to use some of the most important ones.


One of the most important sections of the editor is Layers. From here, you can add images or text to your design. You can do this through the left-hand side menu or on the top right corner of the editor. Just click on "Add new" and select "Add image" or "Add text".

Depending on whether it's an image or a text box, you will see different options on the top bar. We encourage you to explore all the tools.


In the Files section, you can find all the images that you have added to the editor.


The text menu allows you to add text boxes to your design. Please note that all our fonts support Latin characters, but only a few support Cyrillic script. If the text disappears or is shown as squares, it means the font does not support it. In this case, we recommend you try instead some of the free fonts that support it: Arial, Didact Gothic, Fira Sans font family, Monserrat, Noto font family, Open Sans, Oswald, PlayFair font family, Pacifico.

If you need to add text that includes other characters/alphabets (e.g. Arabic, Japanese, Greek, etc.) we suggest creating an image including the text and uploading it to an empty photo box in the editor (as a PDF, or jpeg, or png file). We have a limit of up to 2000 characters for text boxes, if you need to add more text, please consider adding separate text boxes/layers.


Thanks to our integration with Shutterstock, you now have the possibility to design your products with millions of beautiful photographs and images with no upfront costs! Please read more about the usage of Shutterstock here.

Become a Gelato+ subscriber and access Shutterstock Essential Elements for free!


When you upload an image, our system will automatically check its resolution and show a warning message if needed, this is to ensure the best possible outcome. If the image is enlarged too much or the quality of the image is not very good, the end product could look blurry or pixelated. Below you can see the warning on the dpi (Dots per inch) of the image. You can read more about this topic here.


This section provides a number of pre-configured layouts that you can choose from and apply to your design.


In this section, you can review and customize some of the settings of the editor.


Finally, once you are done with the editing, you can click on "Preview" (top right) to see how your product will be in real life using one of our beautiful mockups.

For some products, such as mugs, you will also be able to see a 3D render.

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