Can I download mockups?
Updated over a week ago

Users with an active Gelato+ subscription are now able to download higher-resolution mockups for products added to their store! This can be done easily while creating a product for your store by selecting the mockups you are interested in and clicking the download button.

It is currently not possible to download mockups for products with Shutterstock elements.

We can choose to download mockups as PNG or JPG files by selecting the preferred format using this toggle button.


Q: What size are these mockups?

A: These mockups can have a maximum size of 3000x3000px.

Q: I can't find a way to access the edit media section. Why is that?

A: Your product may contain unconnected variants or variants of different product types eg. some variants have frames and others do not. This function is currently only available for items whose variants are all connected to Gelato with the same product type.

Q: I'm using WooCommerce/Wix/Squarespace/Bigcommerce and I can't find the edit media section. Why?

A: If your store is on one of these platforms, it is only currently possible to download mockups during product creation and not after it has been published.

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