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How can I add mockups to my products in Shopify?
How can I add mockups to my products in Shopify?
Updated over a week ago

You can add beautiful mockups for the products you sell in Shopify when you add a new product using the Gelato+Shopify integration. Let's see how - it takes a minute!

You can select among a number of scenes that will make your designs come to life and look stunning ("Choose product mockup style").

Then you should choose which specific mockups will be sent to the platform and select the primary (main) mockup image for your product.

You can decide to upload the mockups as PNG (larger but transparent files) or JPG (smaller to make your pages load faster).

Please note that Shopify doesn’t allow to add of product images via URL for trial stores. It means that for all users that connected a trial Shopify store with Gelato, product mockup images won’t be uploaded during the publishing process as long as the trial is active.

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