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How do I connect individual Etsy listings to Gelato?
How do I connect individual Etsy listings to Gelato?
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If you already have existing products on your Etsy store, they will be automatically pushed through to your Gelato store after connecting. The products will appear as "Not connected" which means that Gelato won't be fulfilling those unless you choose so. If there are any products you would like to be fulfilled with a different supplier, just mark them as "Ignored" in Gelato.

Connecting a product

By connecting a product you are configuring it to be fulfilled via Gelato.

  1. To connect a product first go to your Stores section in the dashboard. Select the right store.

  2. Select the product you want to fulfill via Gelato. You will see which products are currently not fulfilled by Gelato as they show some variations as "Not connected".

  3. Click on "Edit" to see the list of variations to connect and click on "Connect to Gelato" next to the variation you want to connect.

  4. This will open the product catalogue for you to be able to select the Gelato product to connect to that specific variation.

  5. On the product page, you will be able to choose the exact format and other product characteristics. Then you'll need to upload the design that will be printed when customers are ordering this product variation. You have 2 options:

    • If you click on Design your print (recommended), you will be able to upload image files (e.g. PNG or JPEG) and use our design editor to adjust the image to fit the design.

    • If you click on Upload your print, you will be able to upload either image or PDF files but you won't be able to edit these afterwards making it very important that the file is created with the right size from the beginning.

  6. If you click on Design your print, you'll see an interface like the one below. Once you're happy with the result, click on Connect to link this product to your variation.

  7. The variation will now appear connected in your store.

Once you have completed the connect step any order containing that variation in your store will go to Gelato and will appear in your Gelato order list.

Please ensure NOT to change the SKU value for the connected products in your Etsy Shop Manager as this will break the connection with our integration.


If you want to assign newly connected variants to Gelato shipping profiles, please follow the steps described here.

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