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How can I add mockups to my products in Etsy?
How can I add mockups to my products in Etsy?
Updated over a week ago

You can add beautiful mockups for the products you sell on Etsy when you add a new product using the Gelato+Etsy integration. Let's see how - it takes a minute!

Please note that it is currently not possible to create mockups for your existing products on Etsy.

You can select among a number of scenes that will make your designs come to life and look stunning ("Choose product mockup style").

Then you should choose which specific mockups will be sent to the platform and select the primary (main) mockup image for your product.

Please note that Etsy's limitation allows a maximum quantity of 10 mockups for any given product including the main product image and additional product-level mockups.

Etsy only allows images to be linked to variants based on one option (e.g. Size, Product Type, Orientation). If you would like to update it, please go to the Listings section in the Etsy Dashboard and:

  • For the new version: go to the Variations section, press the Manage Variations button, and then edit the option to which you want to connect the images

  • For the old version: go to the Variations section, click on the Link Images button, and then edit them

You can also download the higher-resolution mockups for products added to your store!

Etsy might cut off the top and bottom of the uploaded mockup which will result in cropping of the thumbnail too. Our team is already working on improvements for this.

Please note, that due to Etsy's strict mockup policy, we highly recommend selecting diverse styles of mockups used as the main image of the listings.

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