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How can I add a gift note to an order?
How can I add a gift note to an order?
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In this article, you will learn how to enhance the customer experience by providing the option for them to attach a personalized gift note that will add that invaluable touch of warmth and thoughtfulness to their purchase.

This flow will not work for Etsy and Amazon, as a gift message can’t be connected to a separate product directly in the marketplace.

Setting up an insert as a product

  1. Access the product page for inserts

  2. Click the triple dots next to "Activate branding" and choose "Add product to store"

  3. Choose "Add product to store" to start the process of adding the insert to your store

  4. Select the store you would like to add the product to

  5. The next step is to design the insert and to select a mockup

  6. Set the product details. We recommend that you uncheck the option to show the product to your store visitors. As customers can’t buy only this product in an order it is recommended to not show it directly in your store. See section Limitations/Considerations below

  7. Set a price for the insert

  8. Continue and the product will be published in your store

  9. Once the product is published go to your e-commerce platform and update the product if needed (for image, text, and price)

  10. You now have added the insert as a product in your store

Linking the Insert to the gift message in Shopify

For this, you would need to use any Shopify app to cross/upsell the insert to orders that matches the custom packaging limitations and another Shopify app that allows setting up a checkbox for the product option for your customers to include a gift message.

In the below example, it is set up so that it adjusts the price for the whole product to include the price of the variant that is connected to this product option. Select the insert variant that you created in the previous step.

When a customer buys your product it will then automatically sync into Gelato including the insert. If it doesn’t then check first the section about limitations/considerations especially if you are adding the insert to a compatible product and shipping to a compatible country.

You still need to design each insert yourself.

Add the design for the insert via the Order approval option "Automatically fulfill orders from remote file storage", explained in detail here

Using this approach, the insert is treated in the same way as any other product that is synced in from the ecommerce platform. To use the remote file storage option you make the file name in the same way as you would normally.


If the pattern used is {order_number}_{order_item_number}.png then the file name for the insert in the screenshot below would be:

Limitations and considerations

  • Inserts are only available in select countries and for certain products. Check and the dashboard for the latest information on availability

  • An insert can’t be bought alone, it needs a compatible product to be in the order such as a poster, and a compatible country such as the US

  • One order can only have one insert. If more is added to the order, the order will not be possible to process

  • If you charge your customer for the insert (because it is a gift note for example) then make sure that Gelato can fulfill the order with the insert by making sure that you are only offering the insert option to customers that are buying compatible products to compatible countries

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