FAQs on Credit cards
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Do you support both personal and corporate credit cards?


Do you support both credit and debit cards?


What card brands do you support?

Visa, Mastercard (but not Maestro co-branded with MC), AmEx, JCB, UnionPay, iDEAL.

Do you support cards issued by banking institutions from all countries?

Yes, although some issuer banks might have restrictions on foreign transactions - it's always good to check with your bank. Usually "whitelisting" our merchant account solves the issue.

Can I add more than one card?

Yes, you can add multiple cards and decide which one should be used as a default payment method. The additional card will be used as a backup.

What do I do if I get an error when I try to add my credit card?

Check if you inserted all card details correctly and in case you have an additional security verification enabled by your bank, that you submitted the correct information there as well.

Second, please check that you have enough funds in your account. Then you can also check with the bank what is the reason for declining the transaction.

In what cases should I contact Gelato Support and in what cases should I contact my bank?

You can contact Gelato if you are sure you entered all information correctly, you have enough funds in your paying account and your bank issuer is in EEA/US/Brazil/India. In all other cases please contact your bank first.

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