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FAQs on Credit cards
Updated over a week ago

This article answers frequently asked questions about using credit cards on our platform. We've compiled a list of common questions and answers to provide you with all the information you need.

Supported Cards and Brands

We gladly accept both personal and corporate credit cards. We also support both credit and debit cards. Our platform is compatible with a wide range of card brands, including:

  • Visa

  • Mastercard (excluding Maestro co-branded with Mastercard)

  • AmEx

  • JCB

  • UnionPay

  • iDEAL

Managing Your Cards

You can add multiple cards to your account and choose a default payment method. If a payment fails on your default card, your backup card will be charged.

Troubleshooting Card Issues

If you encounter an error while adding a credit card, double-check that all the card details are entered correctly. Ensure any additional security verification from your bank is completed accurately.

Verify that your account has sufficient funds. If the issue persists, we recommend contacting your bank to determine the reason for the declined transaction.

Getting Support

If you're confident that you've entered all the information correctly, have enough funds, and your bank is located in the EEA/US/Brazil/India, you can contact Gelato. For all other cases, we advise contacting your bank first.

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