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How can I create different designs when adding a new product to a store?
How can I create different designs when adding a new product to a store?
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This article provides a guide on how to effectively manage designs when adding new products with multiple variants to your store. It explains different approaches and highlights current limitations.

Managing Designs for Product Variants

When adding a product with variants to your store, you have two options for handling designs:

  • Apply the Same Design to All Variants: This approach is efficient for products where all variants share the same design. You can add the design once and apply it to all variants simultaneously.

  • Unlink Variants for Different Designs: If your variants require different designs (e.g., white variant with Design X, grey variant with Design Y), you can unlink the variations. Click the chain button on the right-hand side to unlink variants and add distinct designs.



Current Limitations and Workarounds

While the platform offers flexibility in design management, there are a couple of limitations to be aware of:

  • Different Designs Within One Variant: Currently, you can't add different designs within a single variant during product creation (e.g., S white T-shirt with Design X and M white T-shirt with Design Y). However, you can edit each variant manually in the dashboard after publishing the product.

  • Adding Variants in the Same Color: Adding variants with the same color but different designs (e.g., S, M, L white T-shirts with Design X and S, M, L white T-shirts with Design Y) is not supported during product creation. You can achieve this by adding new variants to an existing product and then syncing the product.


Steps to Add New Variants to an Existing Product:

  1. Manually add the new variants to your store and save the changes.

  2. Click the "Sync Products" button in the Gelato dashboard.

  3. Connect the new variants to Gelato.

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