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How can I offer posters with and without frames in my Shopify store?
How can I offer posters with and without frames in my Shopify store?
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Offering posters with and without frames in your Shopify store is a great way to give your end customers maximum flexibility in terms of choice.

Let’s see how you can add a poster in multiple sizes with and without frames to your Shopify store:

  • Go to your Gelato Dashboard > Stores and select the Shopify store for which you want to offer posters with and without frames.

  • Create the product in Gelato, e.g. a framed poster in 3 formats (30x40cm, 50x70cm, and 70x100cm) and 3 different frame colors (black, wood, white). Publish these 9 variants to Shopify.

  • In Shopify, go to Products > All products and click on the product you just created. We now need to add variants without the frame.

  • Select one variant for each format and duplicate them by clicking on More options > another Frame. Insert “No frame” for the duplicated variants.

  • Once the new variants (i.e. the ones with no frame) are created in Shopify, you need to go back to the Gelato store page and select the 'Sync products' option to update the variants list in Gelato. Please then connect these variants to Gelato products (in this case, “Posters” only) and upload a design. This way Gelato will know what to print when those variants are ordered.

  • Your customer will see an option to buy a poster with or without a frame.

Please note that the price of the new variants is not updated. Hence, you will need to do that manually after the new variants are connected to Gelato.

When creating the new variants, you won’t be able to add mockups for these.

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