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The colors on my printed garment don’t match my file
The colors on my printed garment don’t match my file
Updated over a week ago

The Direct to Garment (DTG) printing method utilizes between 5 and 7 colors of ink during the printing process (depending upon the equipment utilized). Using RGB files will ensure that the brightest possible results will be achieved in production.

Please note that color disparities can arise. As a result, the final appearance of your prints may be influenced by a multitude of distinct factors such as different printers, color profiles, settings, and processes. We want to be transparent and ensure your satisfaction, which is why we cannot promise absolute color precision of 100%.

However, it should be also noted that some colors (such as neon colors) within an RGB file may be too bright to achieve when printed on fabric, these are called ‘out of gamut’ colors.

The images below provide an example of how an RGB file with very bright RGB colors looks on screen (color wheels on the left-hand side), compared with printed results (color wheels on the right-hand side). Ink on white fabric tends to look brighter and more vibrant than images printed on colored garments.


You can read more about the best practices for creating your artwork for DTG printing in our article What are the guidelines regarding design files for DTG printing?

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