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My order shows it is being returned to sender, what now?
My order shows it is being returned to sender, what now?
Updated over a week ago

This article explains what to do when an order is returned to the sender. It covers common reasons for returns, such as incorrect addresses and customer rejections, and provides guidance on how to proceed.

Why was my order returned?

Orders are typically returned for the following reasons:

Incorrect or Incomplete Address

Double-check if the provided address is accurate and complete. Even a small error, like a missing apartment number, can lead to delivery failure.

Recipient Rejection

The recipient might have refused the delivery.

Other Reasons

Orders can be returned for various other reasons, such as:

  • Undeliverable to the provided address (e.g., PO boxes or military addresses) - read more, read more

  • Unclaimed shipments at customs

  • Unclaimed shipments at the courier's pick-up point

  • Recipient unavailable during delivery attempts

What should I do next?

Contact Your Customer

Reach out to your customer to confirm their address and understand why the order was returned. Ask if they'd like to receive the order again.

Place a New Order

If your customer wants to proceed, place a new order with the correct details. Ensure the address is accurate to prevent further delivery issues.

Refunds and Charges

  • No refunds are issued for orders returned due to an incorrect address or recipient rejection. You will be charged for the new order.

  • If the return reason is other than an incorrect address or recipient rejection, contact us. We'll investigate and refund the product price for the new order. You'll only pay for shipping again.

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