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Are there any limitations to publishing listings on Etsy?
Are there any limitations to publishing listings on Etsy?
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Yes, there are some technical limitations when you are publishing a Gelato product as a new listing on Etsy:

Quantity limitations:

  • Etsy allows a max quantity of 999 for any given product

  • Etsy allows a max quantity of 10 mockups for any given product

Product description limitations:

  • The description must not be empty

  • The description must not be more than 102,400 characters

  • HTML tags are not allowed in the product description. Most likely, your product descriptions will look different on Etsy in comparison to your storefront but you can always change them directly on Etsy if you wish

Product Title limitations:

  • 140 character limit

  • Titles must start with a letter or number (no special characters allowed as the first symbol/character, e.g. quotation marks)

  • Titles cannot start with a space

  • The following characters may only be used once in a title: %: &

  • The following characters may not be used: $ ^ `. °

  • Titles may not contain more than three words in capital letters

  • Please use both upper and lower case letters in your titles

Variation-related limitations:

  • Etsy can only accept up to 20 characters for each variation attribute (e.g. Size + Color)

  • It is only possible for us to show all variations in two drop-downs (options)

  • Each option can take up to 70 values (for example 70 different color options), with a limit of 400 total variants per product (total variants being the combination of available options, e.g. 20 color options and 5 size options, equal 100 total variants).

  • All possible combinations of chosen options should be selected in order to publish a product, e.g. you will not be able to add 30x40 cm Vertical and 70x100 cm Horizontal posters. In order to proceed, 30x40 cm Horizontal and 70x100 Vertical must be selected too, to create a full set of all possible product options combinations

Limitations regarding tags:

  • You can use a maximum of 13 tags

  • You must not have duplicated tags

  • Tags cannot be longer than 20 characters

  • Tags may only contain letters, digits, hyphens, single quotes, and spaces or underscore

Shipping-related limitations

Price-related limitations

  • The product price must be at least 0.20 USD and max 50,000 USD in the corresponding currency

SKU-related limitations

  • SKUs are limited to 32 characters

When creating an apparel item we cannot add the size guide due to the limitation on Etsy as it does not allow us to add an HTML table (or other HTML elements for table/image) to the description.
In this case, you can always copy and paste the size guides from our Product Catalog.

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