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How to set up Etsy's shipping origin
How to set up Etsy's shipping origin
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Etsy requires that each shipping profile has a shipping origin. This information will be shown on your product listing page (at the bottom, see image below).

As Gelato has a wide network of fulfilment partners across the world, the shipping origin could differ depending on the recipient's location. Example: an order to the US will likely be produced in the US, while an order to Germany is likely to be produced in Germany.

When using Gelato's delivery profiles the shipping origin will be, by default, the same as your Etsy billing country.

If you want to update the shipping origin manually, go to your Gelato account, then to Stores (left hand side menu), and select Edit store details:

then scroll down to the shipping section:

Try selecting the country where your target audience is based. Please use a valid, country specific postal code, to avoid validation errors when publishing a new product.

Read more about how to set up shipping profiles on Etsy here.

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