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How can I import orders from Etsy?
How can I import orders from Etsy?
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You can easily transition your future orders and products to Gelato by using the 'Import order' functionality. It will create all orders that you receive on Etsy as draft orders in Gelato.

The orders will have the status 'Not connected' and you can choose if you want to connect or ignore each order item in the order. Once you have connected an order item any future order with the same product will be automatically processed for you (in accordance with your store settings).

We highly recommend using Import orders regardless of the number of orders or products. If you for example process all orders each day that come in as Not connected then you will within a few days have connected most of your best-selling products, and having spent only a few minutes each day doing so.

How to activate Import orders

You activate the Import order by going to Stores > Select an Etsy store > Three Dots > Edit store details

Once there scroll down to 'Synchronization' and tick the box next to 'Import not connected orders'

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 15.08.16.png

Once it is checked all orders coming into your Etsy store will be added to your order list. You will also get an email notification saying that an order requires that one or more order items require action.

Taking action on an order that is "Not connected"

  1. Go to the specific order and click on 'Complete order'.

    Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 15.14.18.png
  2. For each order item that is not connected, you can choose between two actions: 'Connect' or 'Ignore'.

    Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 15.17.05.png

    You can also add a new product to this order. It may be a completely new product or one of the products from your other stores or templates.
    If you would like to add more products from templates please click 'Choose from catalog' and switch the catalog view to the templates view.

If you select Connect you go through the process of connecting the product to be fulfilled via Gelato for both this specific order and any future orders that contain the same order item.

If you select Ignore you get 3 options:

  1. Ignore this item for this order. Any future order with one of these items will create a new Not connected order and you will again get the choice to connect or ignore it.

  2. Ignore this variant for all incoming orders. Any future order with one of these items will not create a new Not connected order (assuming there are no other Not connected items in it also)

  3. Ignore this product for all incoming orders in all variants. Any future order with any variant of the product will not create a Not connected order.

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