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How can I add a watermark to my mockup?
How can I add a watermark to my mockup?
Updated over a week ago

Watermarks can help protect against art theft. You can follow these steps to add the watermarks to your designs:

  • Open your wall art mockup template you want to customize with a watermark. Go to the Files and click Choose files button, select your file, and upload it to the Mockup Studio.

  • Once your mockup template is ready, click on the Layers tab in the left sidebar of the Mockup Studio. Here, you can add a new layer to your mockup by clicking the Add new button. Select Add image from the menu and upload your watermark image file.
    We recommend that you upload a semi-transparent image of your logo in PNG format.

  • After adding your watermark, save your mockup by clicking the Save button in the top right corner of the Mockup Studio. Your new mockup with the watermark will now be available for future use.

  • When you're ready to use your watermarked mockup, simply select it from your Mockup Studio and customize it with your design. The watermark layer will then appear on your mockup, helping to protect your artwork from theft.

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