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How do I use the Mockup Studio tool?
How do I use the Mockup Studio tool?
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The Mockup Studio is a stand-alone tool that allows you to personalize your mockups. It also provides real product previews and allows you to conveniently download mockups directly within the platform.

Here's a step-by-step guide

To access the Mockup Studio tool, you'll need to log in to your Gelato account and navigate to the dashboard. From there, click on the "Mockup Studio" button located on the left-hand side of the screen. This will take you to the Mockup Studio interface.

Once you're in the Mockup Studio interface, you'll be able to customize your mockup by following the options presented:

  • Choose the preferred format/size of the mockup image

  • Choose a background scene and make adjustments (e.g. zoom in/crop)

  • Choose the size of the product to be displayed in the mockup

  • Move the placeholder around in the scene

  • Add more layers to the mockup

  • Add files (e.g. brand logo)

  • Add text

  • Add graphics

As you make these customizations, you'll be able to see a real-time preview of your mockup.

Once you're satisfied with your mockup, you can save it as a project by clicking on the "Save" button. This will allow you to access your personalized mockup for future use, whether it's for an existing or new product.

The personalized mockup you create will be available for use during the mockup selection step when creating new products. You can simply select your personalized mockup project from the list of available options and use it to create a product.

To preview a real product from your store and download the mockup, click on the 'Preview products' button. Select your store to choose a product or template, and then download your mockup.

The Mockup Studio tool is a great way to personalize your mockups and make them truly unique. By using the options presented, you can create a mockup that perfectly matches your brand and product. With the ability to save your mockup as a project, you can easily use it for existing and new products in the future.

This tool is available to Gelato+ and Gold customers and is currently only for the Wall art product category. Users with no premium subscriptions may still try the feature before deciding to subscribe to Gelato+ to continue using it.

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